​​"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. "  ~Maya Angelou~

Welcome to PAL Humane Society!

Together we can make a difference!

Check out our first PAL Newsletter. You can download and print a pdf copy. We will post each month here.

September 2016

PAL's  Pet Food Drive has barrels at:

Jones Tack & Feed

6515 W. Lone Mountain Road

Las Vegas, NV 89130

V & V Tack and Feed

3642 N Rancho Drive, #101

​Las Vegas, NV 89130

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John Hosea & Family from Heroes in the Rough

        Community Pet Program        Seniors  58   Veterans  11       Helping Hands of LV Valley  84        NV HAND  9

             Year to Date Statistics                           Pets  139                                      Pets  150                                        Pets 10

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         Giving back is the greatest contribution you can make to the animals and people we serve. Below are just some of the ways you can help.
                                                                Thank you for sharing your resources with those less fortunate. 
                                                                           We are the voice for animals, children and seniors!  

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​​Welcome To PAL Humane Society!

Together we can make a difference!




Join us at PAL for an evening vigil to celebrate rescued pets and remember those pets who never found their forever

home. On Remember Me Thursday, hundreds of animal welfare groups around the world will hold memorial events

in a united front - to expand awareness of pets waiting for homes in an effort to increase pet adoption and decrease

pet euthanasia.

The evening will begin with a gathering and reading of the Remember Me Thursday poem in front of PAL Humane Society. From there we will share stories of pets we've rescued or pets we've lost. Bring a photo to post to our memories board, or share a photo on our Facebook page using #RememberTheRescue even if you can't make it to the event. We will have tea lights available during the event and you are also welcome to bring your pet, but please know there may be other pets present. No retractable leashes please.

​The rest of the evening will include time to mingle, enjoy snacks and shop in PAL's gift shop. Pet food and kitty litter donations are welcome!



                            EDUCATION PROGRAM is growing. PAL has started an Animal Welfare Explorer Post for youths 14 to 20 years of age.

                            Learn more about Post  #1947 our Explorer Club Post and Post #1948 our Explorer Post here.  


PET FOOD DRIVE:  PAL is planning to have pet food drives throughout the year.  Our goal is to raise enough food to cover the Project Homeless Connect on November 15th at Cashman Center and keep our Pet Pantry stocked. Click here to download a copy of our wish list. Read more here...