​​"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. "  ~Maya Angelou~



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What Does It Mean to be a Humane Society?  

www.yourdictionary.com defines "humane" as: 

1. The definition of humane is a kind, tender and compassionate person.
2. Having what are considered the best qualities of human beings; kind, tender, merciful, sympathetic, etc.
3. An organization promoting the humane treatment of animals

Just because we do not house animals does not mean that we are not a Humane Society. Our programs are

designed to help people care for their pets, teach humane education to children and adults, and stop animal

cruelty by teaching humane methods of training, care, and respect for all life.

Our Vision

PAL Humane Society envisions a future where animals are no longer killed or left to uncertain fates simply because there are not enough homes for them all. We believe that an endless number of lives can and will be saved through the spaying and neutering of companion animals and responsible pet ownership.

Our Mission

PAL Humane Society is dedicated to:

  • Assisting people in our local communities care for their pets with pet food and spay/neuter services;
  • Assisting disabled persons who need service dogs
  • The prevention of cruelty to animals  through public outreach and education.

Our History

PAL was formed in October 1993 by a small group of people who were concerned about the well being of unwanted animals. On February 4, 1994 the State of California and the Federal Government granted PAL their non-profit status. From our inception until the spring of 2011, PAL took in over 15,000 unwanted or abandoned animals, had them spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and adopted.

When Robert Lowry, a local resident of Wrightwood, CA passed away, he left his estate to 3 charities and PAL was named as one of the recipients. We were thrilled that Mr. Lowry felt us worthy of sharing his legacy. Part of the donation PAL received was a house in Wrightwood. In September of 2011, PAL relocated their office to the house and continue to operate their California programs from there. Since PAL no longer has a shelter in which to house animals, their focus is on helping people care for their animals by offering spay/neuter vouchers to defray veterinary costs, feeding the pets of low income senior citizens and military veterans and helping with veterinary costs (when funds are available)for their pets). 

On April 4, 2014, the State of Nevada granted PAL their Foreign Qualification status to transact business in the state. PAL moved the non-profit to Las Vegas in May 2014 and is now operating their Community Pet Program, Assistance Dog Program, Education Program, and Pet Food Pantry to help keep pets in their homes. PAL is also  partnering with local businesses and rescue groups to fullfill their mission.