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PAL Coalition: 

​​What is the PAL Coalition?
PAL Coaliton is becoming a signature part of PAL and our Pets-In-Need Program.

PAL Coalition provides assistance to the animal welfare community in the form of donated pet food, delivered to PAL through our partner Three Square Food Bank. PAL then distributes the food to pre-qualified organizations based on demonstrated need and verified census. This allows animal welfare organizations to transfer part of their food budget to much-needed services such as spay/neuter, vet services, facility maintenance or improvement, adoption events, etc.

Who can apply?
Animal welfare organizations that have a valid, non-revoked IRS Determination Letter establishing their 501(c)(3) status (Tier 1), groups that are not a 501 but rescue and adopt (Tier 2) and organizations that do not adopt pets but have services (Tier 3) can apply for pet food assistance though this website. A group applying under a Group Exemption or using an alternate name (for example “Doing business as…”) must submit the relevant documents as described by the IRS or state/local authorities. Animal welfare organizations include: Rescues, Feral Cat TNR organizations, Shelters, Sanctuaries, Pet Food Pantries and Human Food Pantries.

A Partnership Agreement and Application are available below. 

Who benefits?
Our goal is to support the 3 Tiers, as resources allow, that demonstrate their ability to make a difference in our community and work collaboratively with others. As our Coalition grows we will be able to have medical grants, adoption events (4 a year) and other benefits that will aid our members.

How does it work?

  • Organizations apply through this website to become a recipient. PAL Coalition screens applicants for criteria such as non-profit status, spay/neuter policy, adoption pages, and care of their animals.  PAL either accepts or declines each application, based on our posted criteria.
  • Rescues meeting the criteria are placed in our data base for distributions. Available food will be posted on this site and updated weekly.
  • When food is available, Rescues will send in their latest census counts and PAL will determine an equitable distribution of the food, taking into account factors such as the number and size of animals or special circumstances like large food donations from other sources.
  • Because we are part of 3 Square and Feeding America, there will be no charge for donated food.

How can I apply?

You must apply by completing the Coalition Agreement and Coalition Application below.  Applications must be complete and are subject to approval.

                  You can mail, email or FAX the agreement and application to:              


4155 N. Rancho Drive, Suite 150 
Las Vegas, NV 89130

FAX 702-902-4075


Who can I contact for questions?
For more information, you can email info@palhumane.org or contact us at 702-629-6351.

PAL is now an Agency Partner of Three Square Food Bank. At this time the majority of food we receive is from Three Square, The Animal Foundation and Rescue Bank. This is high end dog and cat food i.e. Nutro, Natural Balance, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Wellness, Nulo, etc.

PAL looks forward to assisting your organization in the life saving work that you do.