​​"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. "  ~Maya Angelou~

PAL is an agency partner of Three Square and is bringing dog and cat food into our valley for 501(c)3 rescue 

groups, organizations that adopt animals that are not 501's, organizations that have services for animals and food pantries that carry food for animals so they can use their funds for medical care and training.  Learn more...

PAL has a K-5 program for public and private schools, church groups, girl scouts and boy scouts. PAL also operates Explorer Post #1947 and Explorer Club #8947 for middle school, high school and young adults through their 20th birthday.  Learn more...

Education Program:


PAL has received a grant from Best Friends Animal Society for Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes. We also have assistance for other dogs and cats. Click here for our application....

​​Pet Food Assistance

Pets-In-Need Program:



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Our Pet Food Bank is located at our Rancho Drive warehouse. Our food bank houses the food that PAL provides monthly to our clients. Read  more here.

Pet Food Bank

Spay/Neuter Assistance

Pet food assistance helps low-income seniors, pet families and the homeless care for their pets. PAL operates this program in the Greater Las Vegas Valley. Please  click here for more information.