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​​"Be a rainbow in someone else's cloud. "  ~Maya Angelou~




12/11/15 Mary R. said she really wanted to thank us for the card and treats and for what we do!

                 Robert G. called after receiving his food to thank us for the food, card and treats for his pets.

12/14/15 Yasmine called to say a BIG thank you for PAL's assistance with her recent issue regarding her 15 yr. old dog. She said that PAL is a light in a very                        dark situation. She also stated that Michelle at Animal Foundation was also a huge blessing. She reported that she could not have gotten through                      this without PAL's and Michelle's help.

12/18/15 Linda B. stated that PAL is the best. We were there at a very dark time in her life. She wanted to give back some of what she had received. She                            donated a bag of Milk Bone biscuits and two 44 lb. bags of Purina One dog food.

1/7/16 Dawn L. called to say that PAL is GREAT!!! She appreciates the pet food we deliver to her each month. "Thank you so much for the assistance."

1/22/16 Yasmine B. saide she is so grateful for what we are doing. She does not know where she would be without PAL.

​               Lucio B. called to say they are very pleased and thankful for the food for their 2 little dogs. "PAL is doing such great things for seniors." They feel very                blessed. Said thank you over and over.

2/9/16 Robert G. Ashton still loves the toy that we gave him over Christmas. He only puts it down to eat.

2/10/16 Charlotte G. called to say Coco loves the Fancy Feast.

2/11/16 Yasmin B. called to say she was so happy last month because she could go out and buy better food for herself because she had more money to                          spend. She did not have to buy dog food. She said we are wonderful and she really loves us. God Bless!

3/10/16 Liz B called to say thank you for what we are doing. Her cats are loving the food they are receiving. She says she is very blessed and God Bless us.

3/11/16  Jane J. is "so thrilled to be on the program."

                Dannita J. and her dog, Bambi, "are very happy to be on the program." Bambi is a very friendly and happy dog.

                John C. "loves PAL and what we do." He wants to donate every now and then, when he can afford it, to give back. Lola is a very friendly dog.

                Gilberto D. "is very happy to be on the program."​